Our student guest Callum O’Brien reviews the Northern Ballets Beauty and the Beast:

The Northern Ballet’s production of Beauty and the Beast was a spectacular show. It contained tension, elegance and romance.

This particular production of Beauty and the Beast contained a unique twist on the story, with much of the performance spent between Beauty and the Beast. Personally, I thought this was a very good idea as the story did not get too complicated by some many things happening at the same time.

What I really enjoyed about watching the production of Beauty and the Beast was that the set really complimented and linked with the choreography of the show. The first scene contained many pairs of mirrors and a small platform which allows the choreography to be more dynamic and different.

A special mention has to go to Ashley Dixon who played the Beast. I could not take my eyes of him the whole time he was on stage. His animal like gestures brought the character of the Beast to life. Part of bringing the Beast to life was Dixon’s use of heavy breathing, you could hear his breathing all the way at the top of the theatre.

A big part of the story from Beauty and the Beast is the relationship between the “Beauty” and the “Beast”. Ashley Dixon and Dreda Blow were fantastic at doing this. They able to show the fear, the love and the excitement of what they had. The scene which really brings this to life is when they are both at the Beast’s home.

The overall performance of Beauty and the Beast was spectacular. I could watch it again and again. Even if you haven’t been to a ballet before, I would recommend that you go and see this production or go and see the Northern Ballet company whenever you get the chance.