Chloe keeps her mask on



Chloe Smith, Member of Parliament for Norwich North, has welcomed students back to Heartsease Primary Academy.


During lockdown, Chloe was invited to take part in Heartsease Primary Academy’s Reading Week to support the school’s programme while children are learning from home.


Chloe’s video was posted on the school’s Facebook page as part of a series of book-readings recorded by the teachers and children to share a range of stories for pupils.


Chloe formerly chaired the governing body at the school.  She has welcomed the school many times to tour Parliament – along with supporting all Norwich North schools in similar ways whenever she can.


Commenting, Chloe said, “I do not underestimate how challenging the last few months have been but I do know how important it is for children to be back in school, not only for their education but for their development and wellbeing too.

“It is down to the sheer hard work of so many teachers and school staff that from this week pupils will be able to learn in their classrooms together again. It has not been easy for parents nor schools, but it is great to see the measures that Heartsease Primary Academy have put in place to enable children to learn safely”


Alex Burrell, Headteacher at Heartsease Primary Academy commented, “It has been wonderful to have Heartsease children back in school this week. We have worked hard to ensure that all of the children feel safe and secure as they return after such a long period of time away from school; it really is amazing how well they have settled in already. There is certainly a buzz of excitement around the school again.  As a trust, we have planned carefully how we are delivering the curriculum to ensure that all pupils have opportunities to develop in confidence again. After feeling so proud of our children, parents and staff during lockdown, I am even more proud to see how well everyone is adjusting to new ways of working at Heartsease Primary.”

Chloe Smith has had a difficult week following revelations that her husband attended an illegal protest against Coronavirus restrictions and had claimed that Coronavirus sufferers were victims of a ‘mental illness’.