Norfolk County Council has issued an NDR Traffic Update – no 37 – Traffic light alerts for Holt Road/Holly Lane and Buxton Road

Two sets of temporary traffic lights – at Holt Road/Holly Lane and Buxton Road – are likely to remain in place into next week.

Both sets were unplanned and brought in to ensure safety in response to issues on site.

Three-way lights had to be set up at the junction of Holt Road and Holly Lane because a deep excavation for gas main diversion was too close to the south side of Holly Lane, forcing a lane closure for the safety of road users and the workforce.

The lights are being manually controlled, but have been causing peak-hour tail-backs. During Friday delays were caused at other times by lorries delivering concrete for the central pier of the bridge that will take the A140 over the NDR, and by welded pipe deliveries for the gas diversion.

The Holt Road/Holly Lane lights will remain in place into next week, possibly until Wednesday, but will be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.

At Buxton Road, an electricity cable is being diverted sooner than expected after being damaged during gas main diversion works. The temporary two-way lights are expected to be needed until Tuesday (7th).
Other routes
Over the next few weeks motorists are advised to allow for temporary traffic lights on routes crossing the NDR, including North Walsham Road, Wroxham Road and Salhouse Road where roundabouts are being constructed. Every effort will be made to avoid disrupting peak hour traffic, but this is not always possible. Norfolk County Council and Balfour Beatty apologise for the inconvenience caused.