Police are again warning anyone planning an illegal rave that they risk being fined £10,000.

It comes after officers received information about a potential event happening in the county on Halloween.

With cases of coronavirus continuing to rise across the county, officers will take firm action against such gatherings, including the use of new fines.

Residents and landowners are also being urged to report suspicious activity over the Halloween weekend in a bid to prevent illegal raves and unlicensed music events (UMEs).
The new fines, introduced in August, aim to target the most serious breaches of the public health regulations and Norfolk’s County Policing Commander has said officers will not hesitate to use these powers where evidence is available.
Chief Superintendent Dave Buckley said: “Coronavirus is still with us and continues to be a real threat, with cases rising in Norfolk. These events are not only illegal but carry a significant risk of transmitting the virus. We would urge people to think twice before attending such events and will, where appropriate, take action to disrupt and shut them down.”
Organisers can be fined up to £10,000 while officers also have the power to fine people attending illegal events £100.

The tougher penalties will be used alongside existing legislation, wherever evidence is available.

Supt Buckley added: “Experience tells us early intervention is key in prevention and disrupting these events and in the past the vigilance and response from the public has been extremely useful.
“If we receive the information when the event is already underway, we may instead monitor it to ensure as far as possible the safety of those in attendance. Vehicles trying to get on or off site will be stopped and dealt with for any offences they might be committing. Officers will not be afraid to use the powers available to them.”
Members of the public and landowners can play a key role in disrupting these events by providing information to police about activity around open land or disused buildings, including;

Any information that a rave is taking place (loud music/lights)
Sightings of vans, lorries or large numbers of vehicles gathering near woods, rural car parks or near to disused buildings/warehouses
Fliers advertising raves
Broken padlocks on access gates, to areas where a rave may take place
Posts on social media advertising events
Anyone with information about an illegal rave or UME and witnesses any suspicious activity on farmland or in buildings should contact Norfolk Constabulary on 101.