Owen Evans and Karl Minns – photo supplied


Being a cultured Norfolker or an interloper from across the border, you will already have some idea about what to expect and how to be in the Theatre. For those needing a little help; fear not! The Nimmo Twins have a sketch to help the Norfolk theatregoer make the most of any new cultural experiences, be that theatrical or a pilgrimage to Carrow Road.


Owen Evans and Karl Minns bring many of their most-loved characters back to the stage to rapturous applause, and massive laughter. For those who have seen the Nimmo Twins before, I am sure you have your favourite characters. There’s also the obligatory warning about taking a late-night stroll along a certain Ffordd Tywysog Cymru!


Whether you love the music of Billy Boy, Anne’s poetry, or simply want to find out what sort of sticky situation She Go has got herself into this time – there is something in this show for you. Some Nimmo classics, seamlessly joined by fresh new material. More about that in August we’re told.


Sadly, Cyril from Brancaster couldn’t make it – but Karl made sure the audience had the opportunity to join in with one of his most popular ditties. Second homeowners beware! For a show they claim wasn’t fully rehearsed; it wasn’t half good… it was utterly brilliant!


Over the last couple of years, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has gone far beyond the disease itself. Just about every one of us has been unable to do the things we really loved doing before; be that performing, organising events, being part of a group doing something, and in some cases working. All of that has been devastating to our collective – and individual – mental health.


It can be difficult for performers to open-up about their personal experiences, but massive kudos to Karl Minns who felt able to share a little about how the pandemic made him feel. We need more of this. Those on stages, platforms, rostrums, elected or seeking election to public office are all still people with thoughts and feelings. It will do us well to remember this.


They say, “Laughter is the best medicine”. I’m not qualified to comment on that but spending a couple of hours with the Nimmo Twins on stage filled The Playhouse Auditorium with everything from body-juddering giggles through to massive belly-laughs. With face coverings on, it wasn’t possible to see everyone’s smiling faces, but the atmosphere was uplifted by the performances.

Maybe try adding tickets to see Owen & Karl to your self-care list?



© Gareth Douce, Norwich Eye, 7 January 2022

The Nimmo Twins: A load of Old Squit is at the Norwich Playhouse until 23 January. For tickets and further information: Norwich Theatre Royal at https://norwichtheatre.org/ or by calling the Box Office on 01603 630 000.



Norfolk & Waveney Mind have a website about Corona Virus and Wellbeing https://www.norfolkandwaveneymind.org.uk/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing