Norwich Theatre Royal is stepping up its commitment to classical music concerts under new Chief executive Stephen Crocker. On Saturday evening we were treated to a fine evening of popular chamber music from the European Union Chamber Orchestra. This fifteen strong group of talented musicians bring an informal but highly polished style to the programme they present.

The three works presented are all favourite and familiar works which we will recognise from many other associations, as they have been used in many films, adverts and other popular media. First was Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No 3, followed by Mozart’s Piano Concerto K 414 in A major, then a rousing finish with the eternally popular Four Seasons from Vivaldi.

The performers stand around a central harpsichord on the stage, with the women wearing bright colours rather than the universal musician black. They are led by the very capable Eva Stegeman who directs the ensemble while leading as first violin, so no conductor this evening.

The core group are joined by piano soloist Martin Roscoe for the Mozart and Australian soloist Emily Sun for the Four Seasons.

The three pieces fit together well and are delivered in a lively style by the Orchestra. Eva Stegeman leads on the Bach Concerto as the musicians rise to the challenge of the complex relationships between the scoring for different groups of instruments within the Orchestra.

Martin Roscoe takes to the stage to play the Mozart piano Concerto and demonstrates why he is in so much demand as both a performer and teacher.

For The Four Seasons we are given a charismatic and enthusiastic violin lead from soloist Emily Sun who has been performing in public concerts since the age of ten and has won countless awards. It is hard to avoid counting the many times that the themes from Vivaldi’s famous work that have been used in television, films and adverts, but overall when played in full this remains a stunning work, justifiably popular, and played to perfection by Emily Sun and the European Union Chamber Orchestra.

© Julian Swainson 2018