Photo – screenshot from The Voice Project


I am enjoying a gradual but cautious reintroduction to the performing arts in Norwich following the austerity of lockdown. The long break has sharpened senses and definitely provoked our appetites, so it was a joy to return to Norwich Arts Centre tonight for the latest performance by The Voice Project.

The occasion was the premiere of the film ‘The Distance Between Us’, a record of the collaboration of Voice Project members during the lockdown drawn together as a delightful film by videographer Nathan Clarke. It was introduced by live singing from three Voice Project members who reminded us of the fabulous church acoustic in the Arts Centre.

The music, as we have come to expect from the Project was sublime and beautifully performed. The edit must have been challenging with so many separate individual strands weaved together.

This is a film of our times, with multiple panels like a moving contact sheet. It may remind us of the Zoom meetings that we have all become accustomed to now, but unlike the shaky technology of the meetings both sound and vision are sharp and spot on. A moving performance that was greatly appreciated by the full (but spaced out) auditorium audience. Musicians are amongst those hardest hit as a group by Covid, so any opportunity to support them is welcome.

Find out more about the Voice Project and watch the film here:

When you get the chance, go and see some live music again – there is nothing quite so good!

© Julian Swainson, Norwich Eye, October 2021