Lloyd Gorman and Joey Herzfeld as the Ugly Sisters

The Garage next to Chapelfield has a growing reputation for its theatre dance and music education but for the next few days its is hosting what must be the most enjoyable hit of the Panto season.

This production is aimed at the youngest of theatregoers (and mums and dads) and is great fun from start to end. We are welcomed through a mini ‘tunnel of light’ into the magic setting for the much loved and familiar story of Cinderella finding her Prince, with a few misadventures and mishaps along the way and a villainous pair of ugly sisters.

A cast of just three cover all the roles required, albeit with quite a lot of help (mostly) from the pre-school performers who made up about half of today’s audience.

Leading the show with natural ease and great energy is Rosalind Burt as Ella, with Joey Herzfeld doubling as her friend Buttons and her ugly sister Miley, while Lloyd Gorman stars as the Fairy Godbrother (his mum’s busy…) and ugly sister Kylie before sweeping Cinderella off her feet as the charming Prince Simon.

Rosalind Burt as Cinderella

All three sing, dance and play various instruments in a well paced show that gets everyone smiling and involved. With a few delightfully awful jokes and lots of little tasks for the helpful children this Panto is just the right length for a memorable first trip to the theatre.

The costumes and props are all bright and colourful, and often quite noisy too so even the youngest can contribute to the fun. Director Daniel Burgess has got the balance of this show just right and The Garage auditorium is a nice size for making sure everyone gets as involved as they want to. The three performers have put a lot of thought into making this show just right for their young audience and form a rapport from the very start of the show.

Tickets are selling fast for the show which is on until Christmas Eve and all ages will enjoy this show, but it is a special treat for the under fives so get out the prams, buggies and strollers and get down to The Garage as soon as you can to catch the World Premiere of “My First Panto”. You may even get a ride in the Pumpkin coach!

You can read lots more about this show in our earlier article here: https://norwicheye.co.uk/whats-on/%E2%80%A8a-new-type-of-panto-arrives-by-pumpkin-to-norwich/


©Julian Swainson



My First Panto: Cinderella

Friday, 9th December – Saturday, 24th December 2016
Schedule of performances:
Friday, 9th December – 10.30am SOLD OUT
Saturday, 10th December – 1.30pm
Sunday, 11th December – 1.30pm
Monday, 12th December – 10.30am SOLD OUT & 4pm
Tuesday, 13th December – 10.30am
Friday, 16th December – 1.30pm SOLD OUT
Saturday, 17th December – 10.30am
Sunday, 18th December – 1.30pm SOLD OUT
Monday, 19th December – 10.30am SOLD OUT
Tuesday, 20th December – 1.30pm
Friday, 23rd December – 1.30pm
December 24th December 10.30am SOLD OUT

Prices £10 Adult/ £6 Child, Under 1’s go free.
Performance Length: Approximately 50minutes with no interval.

The Garage, 14 Chapelfield North, Norwich NR2 1NY
Box Office 01603 598646 Book online at www.thegarage.org.uk