Our student reviewer Callum O’Brien went to see Brendan Cole:
Brendan Cole’s “All Night Long” tour hit the Norwich Theatre Royal on Sunday with a bang. The show is fun, exciting and joyful. Brendan is most well known for being a professional dancer on Strictly Come Dancing.

If your thinking your just going to see a dance show, well think again. The show is majority dance but with the added sections of music both vocally and instrumental, plenty of audience participation and overall fun.

The All Night Long show was one of the most enjoyable shows I have ever seen! I found the show creative, unique and interesting. The show gives you an insight into the different styles of ballroom dancing.

I was lucky enough to have a one to one chat with Brendan himself after the show and I can say he is one of the nicest men I have ever met. It was such a generous gesture to give up his time to speak to me. I asked him how long did it take to choreograph the show? I was shocked that it took a year to put the show together while doing his job as a ‘Strictly’ professional.

As an aspiring dancer myself it was an amazing opportunity to take on board so many tips for the future and hearing from the man himself how he would come with ideas for his show and then how he would go on to choreograph the show.

Brendan Cole is a big inspiration to me and it was a pleasure to not only watch the show but to meet the man himself and take in the inspirational advice he gave to me.

Brendan Cole’s show is touring until the 2nd April and I would urge if you live or are travelling near where one of his shows are then go and see it. When I saw the show, there were no sad faces but everyone having a good time. Throughout the evening I heard no negative feedback at all. You will be missing out if you do not see this show.