Norwich Pride 2018 main sponsor Aviva in the parade – photo credit: Roo Pitt


Michelle Savage, the chairperson says: “Norwich Pride is run entirely by volunteers.  Our strength is our passion but there is only so much we can do by ourselves, especially as we all have lives, jobs and caring responsibilities.  Our vision is to turn Norwich into a rainbow and we need the whole city to help us to do this.”

The survey is going out to businesses and organisations that ran events, booked stalls, took part in the parade or flew the rainbow flag.  It is going to LGBT-run pubs and clubs and venues that work positively to ensure that they are safe spaces for LGBT people.  It is also being sent to performers and speakers and anyone who helped make Norwich Pride a success.

Michelle Savage continues: “Next year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots and we will be celebrating 50 years of LGBT liberation.  It’s an important year and Norwich Pride is going to be huge.  This survey is going to be a big help in enabling us to map the support that is available in the community and gather a wide range of ideas for how we can organise and finance the 2019 celebrations.”

“Why does it make good business sense to support Norwich Pride?  Well, early results from our recent survey of Pride-goers have showed that 82% of Pride-goers have a positive impression of companies that sponsor Norwich Pride and 61% of them want to find out more about organisations that sponsor us.”

The survey is available at and the deadline for responses is Friday 5th October.

About a third of pride-goers are from outside Norwich. [Source: Norwich Pride Big Survey 2018]

The Organisations & Businesses consultation is open to all organisations that have worked with Norwich Pride in the past or may wish to in the future. Responses from organisations not involved in 2018 are welcome.