Car mecca Los Angeles is not the first place you would think of if you had to answer the question, which car show is going to feature bikes.

But that is exactly what is going to happen on 14th-17th November in what the organisers call “GO” – an “all-new destination on the show floor, dedicated to featuring the latest technology devices that embrace all forms of transportation and complement new and traditional vehicles”.

Some of the items are mobility scooters and other electric transporters, but there are also scooters, self-balancing units, and a range of e-bikes.

One of the scooters is the “CycleBoard”, somewhat strangely named as there is no “cycling” to be done: it is an interesting looking 3 wheel electric scooter large enough for an adult, and can even be used as a tandem so a parent can help a child, or two can travel on 1 board. In one aspect it is similar to a Segway, in that you lean to steer.

It has long fascinated us at SpyCycle how car manufacturers have been keen to get into bikes. Ford’s pre show description says “As Ford expands its business model to be both an automotive and mobility company, it is committed to changing the way the world moves. Visitors will be able to experience Ford’s new mobility solutions, such as Ford GoBike – a bike share solution – and Fordpass, a free smartphone app that serves as a one-stop shop for transportation needs”.

So, I am not going out on my bike, I’m taking my “mobility solution” for a spin!

But hold on, it’s not just the car companies coming to their senses (well, a little bit at least, it’s a start), but motorbike manufacturer Yamaha is getting in on the act with their PW series of ebike systems; these comprise rear carrier and down tube style batteries, drive units and display / controllers.

One item doesn’t entirely thrill me. It’s from Navdy, which portrays itself as the first augmented driving device that projects information directly in the driver’s line of sight. This takes the form of a transparent image on the road ahead, which “enables drivers to accept calls with the wave of a hand … For the first time, drivers can Look Forward © while Staying Connected © and enjoy seamless integration of their phone into the driving experience”. I thought we were beginning to see an era in which using a mobile phone at the wheel was going to have the same stigma (and danger level) as drink-driving, and then we get this “augmented driving experience” where there’s no need to look to see what is happening to the left or right of you?

©Richard Atkins

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