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He’s one of Ireland’s most popular entertainers with his own TV show and a string of arena performances under his belt. Next week, Nathan Carter takes his irresistible sound out of Ireland, and his Wanna Dance UK tour begins at Norwich Theatre Royal on 25 January. He told Alex Dalgleish about his journey so far.

“I’ve been performing since I was four years old,” says Nathan. “It all started when I was given an accordion for Christmas!” 22 years later, he’s still playing; his accordion skills earned him an All-Ireland medal at the age of 12 (alongside another medal for solo singing). And audiences can expect that talent to be on display when Nathan performs in Norwich. “I guess my music is a good mix of country, big ballads, rock’n’roll and Irish and Celtic music. It’s a real mixed bag, and hopefully something for everyone!”
As a child, Nathan was head chorister at the Liverpool Boys Choir, a role which included touring the world and even performing for the Pope in Rome. “I guess that’s why I love to perform big ballads. I love writing them, too; song writing is something that I really enjoy. You do have to bare your soul a little, but that’s kind of cool. I’m developing as a songwriter, I think, and I’m loving it!”
Although he grew up in Liverpool, Nathan’s family hail from County Down. Those Irish roots are clear in hit songs like Home to Donegal (a Daniel O’Donnell cover) and the folk-influenced Temple Bar, about the Dublin nightlife hotspot. His arena shows back in the Old Country are a testament to his popularity there, and he’s been credited with bringing a younger, hipper audience to traditional Irish music.
That’s something that Nathan doesn’t dispute: “I guess it’s because I`m relatively young myself. I’m 26, which means that younger folks can relate to me a bit more – but I’m very lucky to have fans aged from eight to 80 at my shows, too!”
Of course, outside of Ireland, Nathan isn’t quite so well-known; that’s got to be a very different experience. “I love the challenge of playing new venues, and especially in new countries. For example, I loved playing in France and Australia last year, and I can`t wait to visit America in September.
“I live in Northern Ireland now, in a town called Enniskillen, but I get home to Liverpool as often as I can. I’m in constant contact with my family, and my nan travels on tour with me, so I`m never too lonely!”
That Irish fame includes The Nathan Carter Show, which sees Nathan perform alongside some of the country’s biggest stars. “I love both actually, touring and doing TV – but I guess you can`t beat a good live audience!
“Thankfully the crowds are really good at my shows now, but I remember back in the early days, when I first started playing in Ireland, when they were really small crowds…” He’s certainly come a long way from those beginnings. So where does Nathan see himself going from here? “I just love doing what I’m doing! I want to continue to grow my career, hopefully in other countries, but also to continue to grow a fan base here in the UK.”
Last question, what’s Nathan’s guilty pleasure? Well, he may have been born in Liverpool, but he’s clearly as Irish as the best of them: “Chocolate – I love it! Oh, and I like the occasional pint of Guinness…”

Nathan Carter, Wednesday 25 January at 7.30pm. Tickets £8-£25.00. Discounts for Friends, Corporate Club, Over-60s, Under-18s, and Groups.
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