Thirty Years.
Two Timelines.
One disgraced movie star.
As Lester deals with the repercussions of misusing his status, those who knew him attempt to rationalise what happened, and why. However, when the world of celebrity darkens, Lester begins to wonder what would’ve happened had he never been one at all. About Lester is a new play, created by students at the University of East Anglia in reaction to the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal, and particularly the allegations against Kevin Spacey. Rohan Gotobed, the writer and director, has been really interested in exploring how we worship celebrities and the impact that this culture has had on young men and women. The play begins in 2025, as a disgraced movie star called Lester returns to make his comeback following allegations of sexual assault. Throughout the first act, we go back in time to unearth the nature of these claims, and suggest why Lester thought he could get away with his actions. After an interval, the play will attempt to connect these themes to the lives of ordinary men and women.
The cast and crew are all students at the university, aged between 18 and 21. Coast to Coast was founded in November 2017, and About Lester is their very first production.

Norwich Eye says: ‘This is an exciting new production from a talented crew that we will be looking out for in the future! Catch them now if you can.’


Thursday 7th June – Saturday 9th June, 8pm start (with 1hr 40 running time)
Venue: Arts 2.84, Arts Building, University of East Anglia

More information about tickets is available on the website:

The About Lester cast