Damaged signs, fencing and kerbs are set to be replaced next week on the Broadland Northway’s Wroxham Road roundabout.

The work that is starting on Monday, 24 September, is likely to take about a week to complete and will be carried out outside peak hours during the day. The road will remain open at all times however one lane on each of the approaches to the roundabout will be closed from approximately 9am and opened at approximately 4pm each day.

While the lane closures are in place for the repairs the County Council will also take the opportunity to carry out a number of additional works. Extra countdown signage will be installed and some tweaks will be made to the white lines to help drivers to use the Wroxham Road roundabout on the Broadland Northway as intended. Also, more trees and shrubs will be planted and grass cutting and pruning will be done while contractors are on site.

The additional work is being carried out following a careful review of the video monitoring that has been underway in the area. It was clear that issues have been caused by some drivers approaching the roundabout too fast, and vehicles crossing paths as one of them left the roundabout.

The countdown markers that were installed at the Airport roundabout in July have already proved successful in helping to remind drivers to slow down on approaching the junction. It is hoped that installing similar additional reminders at the Wroxham Road roundabout will have the same effect.

The cost of the work is expected to be approximately £20,000.

The road formerly known as the NDR has not received any awards for the quality of its design.