Dan Saunders (Acting LOM), Helen Gazeley (mother), Simon Riches (father), Eloise Murphy (paramedic – holding baby Charlie), Jenny Burgin (NQP), Stephen Wootley (Technician).



During the early hours of June 4, the Ambulance Operations Centre (AOC) in Norwich received an emergency call from a midwife who had delivered a baby boy in Kimbolton, Cambridgeshire.

What followed was every parent’s worst nightmare – the baby had not taken any breaths since being born.

Emergency resources were immediately dispatched, including a double staffed ambulance (DSA), a rapid response vehicle (RRV), a leading operations manager (LOM) as well as support from the East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).

Thirty minutes from when the initial emergency call was made, the LOM was able to update control to let them know the baby had taken his first breaths and was doing well.

On June 12, parents Helen Gazeley and Simon Riches, along with baby Charlie, were able to thank the EEAST staff who responded that evening.

Eloise Murphy, RRV Paramedic who was keen to meet with Charlie and his parents said: “It was an absolute pleasure to be able to meet with the family and hold baby Charlie.”

She also offered apologies to her colleagues for holding onto Charlie for much longer than they did!

Ms Gazeley said: “Words can’t describe the appreciation we have for your amazing team who helped us on the night of the 4th June. We will be forever grateful.

“Keep up the amazing work you do. You are all part of a story that will be forever told.

“You kept us calm and reassured throughout a very scary experience. The professionalism and dedication of the whole team was brilliant, alongside some well needed humour.”

The team effort from the call handler and dispatcher to the crews that went out to baby Charlie all played an important role that allowed for this happy ending.

This eventful time was also caught on camera by the film crew for the new series of Emergency Helicopter Heroes while they filmed for the new series, which will be aired before Christmas.