SAFE – SEPT 28-29
The stories of four very different people who share a common bond in wanting people to respect and care for them whatever their sexuality and background take centre-stage in a play especially produced by Norwich Theatre Royal
The search is on for actors to bring the characters to life as well as help direct the play entitled Safe, which is being performed at Stage Two at the Theatre Royal on September 28-29.
Penned by Alexis Gregory, it is based on real-life stories gathered by the Albert Kennedy Trust, a charity which helps and supports homeless and at-risk LGBT youth.
It is being staged as part of the debut Creative Matters season which is running throughout September at Stage Two and aims to bring both gender and sexual identity into sharp focus.
The production team needs to find actors to play the following roles, with each character aged 16 to mid-twenties. They are:

Jack, a young trans man who identifies as gay, is boyish, and full of quiet strength and determination
Tami, a young trans woman who is streetwise and tough but also vulnerable and glamorous.
Samuel, a young black Nigerian-born man who is intelligent, charming, funny and full of energy
Alicia, a young gay female who is eloquent, mature and finding herself.
There is also a character called The Singer who has an edgy, real and raw voice.
Expenses will be paid for all the performers.
The playwright himself will direct the piece but an assistant director is also needed to support him through the process and who will be paid an all-inclusive fee of £1000.
All the roles and jobs are open to people of all genders, sexual identities and ethnicities.
Wendy Ellis, learning and participation director for Stage Two, said: “Both poignant and perceptive, Safe depicts the reality facing many young people who are trying to answer questions about aspects of their own identity and where they belong.
“When those questions become intense, especially if set against a background of poor personal stability or addiction, things can become overwhelming and it is this personal battle which is chronicled in this play.
“What makes Safe even more interesting is that it is based on true stories and we are so delighted that its writer Alexis Gregory is going to come and direct it. Now the search is on for both acting and directing talent to help us bring it to life.”

To apply to be a part of Safe, please send a copy of your CV (with a head-shot if applying for an acting role) by email to or by post to Rachel Lloyd, Learning and Participation Officer, Stage Two, Norwich Theatre Royal, Theatre Street, Norwich, NR2 1RL, by 5pm on Friday 25 August.
Interviews: 31st August 2017, Norwich Theatre Royal

Audition Date: 1st September 2017, 9am – 6pm, Norwich Theatre Royal, Stage Two

Call backs: 2nd September 2017, 9am – 6pm, Norwich Theatre Royal, Stage Two

Read-through for successful applicants: 3rd September, 9am – 6pm, Norwich Theatre Royal, Stage Two

Rehearsal Period: 4th September – 27th September 2017, Norwich Theatre Royal, Stage Two (mainly weekday evening and weekends – exact schedule to be defined)

Performance Listing:
Safe, Thursday 28 September at 6.30pm and Friday 29 September at 8pm at Stage Two, Norwich Theatre Royal. Tickets £12, and £10 Concessions. Suitable for 16+