It is hard not to be impressed when Rosy Carrick steps onto the stage. Strikingly good looking and self assured she sets out a tale of her own life as an adventure in time travel. Her style of narration draws on a well recorded life of photos and film clips that modern technology helps to weave seamlessly with her monologue.

Her show seems to have a quality of magic reality to it – while some of the ideas presented may be a little far fetched or hard to grasp the story that comes together is credible in every detail, with those details reinforced by the photos and clips. She is Doctor Rosy Carrick, having undertaken a PhD studying the work of Russian poet and playwright Mayakovsky, a prominent member of the Russian Futurist movement. Rosy recently published a book of his work entitled ‘Volodya – Selected Works of Mayakovsky’. We meet him and his daughter as we travel back and forwards in time – he died in 1930 aged just 36, taking his own life in despair at a failing relationship.

Rosy also takes us to the CERN laboratory in Geneva and through an exploration of particle physics, wormholes and other concepts at the edge of our scientific knowledge.

Her honest open style is captivating and draws us into seeing that her creation of another identity, a parallel Rosy who sends messages to her later self, hints at a more vulnerable and troubled character than her initial confidence had suggested. Her message to us is to be kind to ourselves and confident of our own personal qualities, but there are several hints along the way that some of her confidence and self assurance has been hard earned and forged from the ashes of disappointment.

Passionate Machine is an apt title for a cheerful and uplifting show that is hugely enjoyable and works perfectly in the relatively intimate performance space in Norwich Arts Centre. Rosy has long experience of performing poetry and curating poetry events, but this is her first theatrical creation. Given the enthusiastic reception she received in Norwich I am sure there will be more as she has the talent, energy and enthusiasm that can turn a performance into a memorable event. Best you write a letter to your future self to remind you not to miss her next show!

© Julian Swainson 2019



Twitter: @rosycarrick