Think you have what it takes to follow the footsteps of London’s greatest lady detective across 19th century London?

To celebrate next week’s launch of the Netflix Original Film, Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, Escape Hunt UK has developed a free to download print and play at home game, An Enola Holmes Adventure. Players can continue their viewing experience by putting their detective skills to the test and bring them into the heart of the action.

Escape Hunt is a global provider of immersive entertainment experiences. Since opening in 2013, Escape Hunt has expanded rapidly, opening nearly 50 locations across 27 countries around the world. Escape Hunting involves teammates losing themselves in incredible new worlds, taking on pulse-racing missions and challenges created by the Escape Hunt Studios team. Groups have to work together to follow a series of fiendishly clever clues and complete their mission before their time is up.

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