Look out for this leaflet for more information

Give your recycling a little bit of love or in other words, make sure it’s clean, dry and don’t bag it when to goes into the recycling bin. This is the message the Norfolk Waste Partnership wants residents to heed as part of a major push to ‘Recycle for Norfolk’ in August and September.


The revitalised recycling message comes in the wake of national research by the charity WRAP, which promotes the sustainable use of resources, that found overall, 64% of households’ dispose of one or more items incorrectly because of a lack of information about what and how to recycle.


Cllr John Fisher, Chair of the Norfolk Waste Partnership explained, “We want to make sure Norfolk residents have the information they need to understand how and what to recycle at home. There are 3 simple rules to remember to get recycling right in Norfolk: Clean, Dry and Don’t Bag it.”


The recycling awareness campaign is part of the push to ‘Recycle for Norfolk’. It reinforces 3 simple recycling rules in a leaflet which will go to every Norfolk home in September. Posters, radio, television adverts and online information will remind everyone how to recycle right. In 2015/16 Norfolk’s recycling rate was 45% which compares well to the published recycling rate for England as a whole which was 43%.


Cllr Fisher added “Getting recycling right is everyone’s responsibility. All of our councils and crews work hard to empty our bins and when they find a recycling bin full with unwashed food containers and in many instances, used nappies and even pet food, it can be soul-destroying. It is especially unpleasant for the people at our Material Recovery Facility who hand sort Norfolk’s recycling material.”


There is also a cost when people don’t follow the rules on recycling. Whilst it is 33% cheaper to recycle one tonne of material than dispose of it as rubbish, last year Norfolk’s district, borough and city councils paid an additional £430,000 to have Norfolk’s recycling material cleaned-up before it could be made into new products. If everyone makes sure their recyclable materials are clean, dry and loose and that they are placed in the right bin, it will save money.


WRAP’s research also found that almost half (49%) of UK households dispose of one or more items in their general waste bin when it could be put in the recycling bin instead. The most common items that aren’t recycled but can be in Norfolk include aluminium foil, aerosols, plastic cleaning bottles, and beauty product pots, tubs and trays.


Along with the leaflet that will be delivered to Norfolk households in September, details about what can and cannot be recycled in Norfolk can be found at www.recyclefornorfolk.com or via Twitter and Facebook: @Recycle4Norfolk.

The Norfolk Waste Partnership (NWP) is made-up of Norfolk’s County, District, Borough and City Councils working together to improve waste and recycling services for Norfolk’s residents and visitors.

The NWP has four strategic objectives to:

  • Reduce the amount of waste generated per household.
  • Increase the availability of waste reduction, reuse, repair and recycling activities.
  • Ensure residents and businesses understand the importance of waste as a resource and the range of opportunities for waste reduction, repair, reuse and recycling.
  • Reduce the overall system cost of dealing with Norfolk’s household waste.

‘Recycle for Norfolk’ is the public-facing brand of the NWP. The webpage for the anti-contamination recycling ‘Little Love’ campaign can be accessed here: http://www.recyclefornorfolk.com/bins-at-home/little-bit-of-love/

Facebook and Twitter: @Recycle4Norfolk

Norfolk’s household recycling service accepts the following materials (clean, dry and loose – not bagged):