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Biky Biky

  Did you hear the story of a person in the pre-smartphone and Google Maps era asking a yokel for directions and being given the answer “If I were going there, I wouldn’t start from here”. This is what came to mind when I...

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Keep Calm, Carry on Cycling

A twenty year Danish study has cast a slightly different light on the benefits of cycling. It has long been reported that cycling as part of a formal workout routine helps guard against heart problems, but these studies have...

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Biking Bananas

Any cycling readers got 3d printers? Then here’s a neat idea for you. Franc Falco says that he is just a weekend leisure cyclist but a bit of a designer, so when a hard core cycling colleague mentioned to him that she took...

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LA Auto Show Features Bikes

dynabike-foldable-ebike Car mecca Los Angeles is not the first place you would think of if you had to answer the question, which car show is going to feature bikes. But that is exactly what is going to happen on 14th-17th...

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